January 2, 2019 Sheila Anderson
Look Slimmer

You gained weight over the holidays and now you are frantically trying to hide it in your clothing. Don’t despair! Here are 5 ways to look slimmer today in your clothes as you work towards losing a few extra pounds.

Wear a V-Neck

A V-neck is the most flattering neckline for anyone to wear – women and men. Why? Because it creates an upside triangle. When someone looks at you, their eye will go to the widest part of the triangle which will be your neckline. They will see your face first. This is always the ultimate goal. The upside down triangle creates a horizontal line at the neckline helping balance a fuller hip or tummy. Again, the eye goes to the face and not to anything on the body. Showing a little skin at the neckline is also slimming. Just be sure it isn’t warranting unwanted attention.
V-NECK CLOTHING IDEAS: V-neck Sweater, wrap dress, cami under a blazer, button front shirt (leaving the first few buttons unbuttoned), a jacket or blazer with a lower stance (below the waistline), a buttoned vest over a long-sleeve button shirt

Opt for Matte Fabric

Matte fabrics absorb light so they will instantly make you look slimmer. Anything shiny attracts attention and adds weight. Shiny fabrics also have a tendency to show bumps and bulges since the fabric is typically clingy. Keep the fabric choice in a medium-weight and stay away from flimsy or clingy fabrics.
MATTE FABRIC IDEAS: wool gabardine, cotton, denim

Select Solids and Dark Colors

Keeping in solid prints is best and more slimming. Anything with pattern or bright color will draw the eye to that area. This is especially important to keep in mind for areas of your body you are uncomfortable with at the moment. For example, when I gain weight, it is in my hips, tush, and upper thighs. So I will opt for solid colors on the bottom. I could do a pattern on top to draw the eye to the pattern and away from my lower area, but even better would be to dress in all solids so nothing is distracting. The ultimate way to look your slimmest is dressing monochromatic, meaning dressing in all one color head to toe.

Put on a Pointed-Toe Shoe

A pointed toe shoe, whether it is a pump or a men’s dress oxford, helps elongate the foot and makes you look slimmer. Keep your shoes free from any added design such as top-stitching, bows, tassels, and prints. Keep the shoe solid and sleek. This also means keeping the sole sleek. Anything chunky will add weight to your look. Ladies, when choosing a pump, select one with a lower vamp (closer to the toes) as this helps elongate the leg. Men, opt for a softly rounded toe in your shoes.

Add Long Jewelry and Scarves

Use long necklaces or a long scarf to create a vertical line which has a slimming effect. As is the case with the shoes, stay away from chunky necklaces or bulky scarves. These add unwanted weight to your look.

Here’s a Bonus Tip!

Throwing on a fitted blazer adds instant chicness to your look and hides tummy troubles. It smooths things out and gives the illusion you have a defined waist because you can’t quite see if you do or do not with a blazer on.Thus the eye and mind believe that you do. A blazer is also a great way to look instantly pulled together, even if you are in jeans.

Following the above tips will help you appear slimmer in no time! Next month we will explore the best areas to place fragrance on your body. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!


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