May 18, 2024 Sheila Anderson

Summer 2024 fashion will look more like the 90s with stylish simplicity and the ever-popular 90s bob haircut. There will be a variety of trending items you can add to your wardrobe in addition to the 90s nod. First, let’s explore why we should care about fashion trends.

Why do we incorporate trends?

Incorporating trends into daily looks helps keep our look modern. In addition, adding trends is a way to boost our confidence because when we add new pieces to our outfits and feel good in them, that boosts our confidence. And probably the most important reason is fashion trends add variety to our basic pieces.

Summer 2024 Fashion Trends

The Hottest Trends

Now that we know the benefits of incorporating fashion trends into a wardrobe, it’s time to learn a few of the top fashion trends for summer 2024. I’ve already jumped on three of these trends. Can you guess which ones? I’ll tell you at the end of this blog. Now, let’s explore what’s happening in the world of fashion.

The List of Trends

  1. The 90s Revival: Think polo shirts, overalls, slip dresses, and Mary Jane flats.
  2. Preppy Aesthetic: Building on the 90s trend, you’ll be reaching for polos, Adidas, and track jackets, to name a few.
  3. Sky Blue: A refreshing and calming color that adds a serene touch to your outfit. Pair it with black for an edgy look or with tan for a more sophistication.
  4. Lavender Haze: This soft lilac color is having a moment. Additionally, it’s also a seasonless color which means you can enjoy wearing it all year long. Price per wear for the win on this one!
  5. Everything’s Coming Up Roses: Your wardrobe will be blooming with the rose trend.
  6. White Dresses: This is the one dress you need for spring.
  7. Matching Sets: Coordinated sets created a streamlined and chic look. It’s okay to be matchy-matchy this season!
  8. Full-leg Pants: When we can’t go any skinnier, we go wider.
  9. Western/Boho Influence: Beyonce going country may have something to do with this trend. That’s my opinion, but here in South Dakota, we live this trend every day.
  10. Slimmer Sneakers: Trends are moving to a lower profile sneaker. Adidas has some great ones!
  11. Eclectic Grandpa: A nod to the past, we’re seeing cardigans, trenchcoats, loafers, color knitwear, and such.
  12. 90s Bob Haircut: Go to any social media site and you’re bound to see the 90s bob hair trend taking over your feed.


How to Incorporate Trends

Now, I don’t recommend you do all of this. Pick a few that align with your personal style, your body shape, and the colors that look best on you. Here are a few great ways to try trends. The first way is to incorporate them with accessories. Sometimes having just a touch of a trend is all you need. The other way is to consider using a clothing rental company to try different fashion trends. That way you aren’t committed to it.

The key lies in not just adopting what’s current, but in tailoring those trends to suit your unique style narrative. Choose wisely. Now, as promised, here are the three summer fashion trends I have already embraced: wide-leg pants, lavender haze, and I got five inches cut off my hair for the 90s bob. Each of these perfectly align with my style. I invite you to explore these trends and make them your own, as we all stride into a stylish summer!


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