November 12, 2021 Sheila Anderson
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Sweater vests are on point right now. Learn how to wear a sweater vest without looking like a nerd.

The History of the Sweater Vest

Some of you just cringed at the thought of owning one. We often think back to the 1970s when sweater vests gained popularity. History tends to repeat itself, and the sweater vest is no different. But before you dismiss the idea of adding this staple to your wardrobe, consider the fact that is a staple. The sweater vest has been around for years and is one of those items that creates versatility in your wardrobe. They are such a great layering piece! Love them or hate them, they are here to stay.

Why I Love Sweater Vests

  1. You get the warmth of a sweater but since this item is sleeveless, you don’t overheat (which is important to some of us over the age of 50!).
  2. The sweater vest can be worn alone.
  3. You can layer it over a T-shirt, blouse, or button shirt to either dress it up or down.
  4. Wearing it under a blazer adds some interest (and warmth) to a suited look.
  5. Consider adding it over a sheath dress or shirtdress.

You don’t have to be nerdy to wear a sweater vest. In fact, I suggest you option for one of interest to create a more “opinionated” look! I think Urkel would approve.

65 Sweater Vests I am Crushing On

I did some shopping for you and created a look book.

Here are 65 sweater vests that I am crushing on. There is a section for womenswear and one for menswear. Which one will you add to your wardrobe? Refer to my blog 20 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Adding to Your Wardrobe.

Please note my disclaimer for this curated look book: While I will always select the best items for you, some of the links included may be automatically affiliated. This helps support my business and allows me to keep my rates what they are while spending the time necessary to find and create these recommendations.

Happy shopping!


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