May 8, 2019 Sheila Anderson
20 Questions for Wardrobe Purchases

There are many things to consider as we ponder purchasing new items for our wardrobe. Do you know what questions to ask yourself? Let’s first start by examining how clothes you need.

How Many Clothes Do You Need?

In 1930 the average woman owned nine outfits. This fact of owning only nine outfits boggles my mind! Having only nine outfits in my closet would be a challenge, but then again, this fact did get me thinking about the importance of being intentional with items you add to your wardrobe.

In 2013, the chief design officer of California Closets told the Wall Street Journal that people in wealthy societies typically wear about 20% of their clothes regularly. This fact just goes to show you that the 80/20 rule holds true even in our closets!

I always say clothing should have to earn a spot in your wardrobe. You must be strategic when building your wardrobe so that it fits your lifestyle and your goals.

20 Questions to Consider

I put together a list of 20 questions to help you decide if the item you are considering purchasing makes sense for you to buy or if it is an impulse buy, which we have all been guilty of at some time or another. Never again suffer from buyer’s remorse!

  1. Will this match other items in my wardrobe? You don’t want to have to buy several other items to go with this item.
  2. Can I wear this item at least 3 different ways?
  3. Can I wear this item to 3 different places? For example, I can wear this blazer to work, to church, and dinner out with friends.
  4. Do I love it? Does it make me feel fabulous?
  5. How many times will I wear this item?
  6. What are the care instructions? Is it a high-maintenance piece?
  7. Is it a classic piece that will be timeless?
  8. Does it fulfill a need or is it merely a want?
  9. Does it fit my body and am I comfortable in it?
  10. Is it worth the money? Will it make an impact on my current wardrobe?
  11. Can I wear it for more than one season?
  12. Does it fit my lifestyle and my signature style?
  13. Do I already own other items like this? No need to duplicate items in your wardrobe.
  14. Am I buying the best quality I can afford?
  15. Am I okay buying this trend piece understanding I may wear it only for this season?
  16. Can I purchase this item or something similar for less at another place?
  17. Do I have something similar?
  18. What role will it play in my wardrobe? Will it be a key piece, a basic, an everyday wear item, part of a capsule?
  19. Am I getting it just because it is on sale?
  20. What item in my wardrobe would I get rid of to replace it with this new one?

All great questions to ponder! I pay most attention to what other items will it go with in my closet, can I wear it to 3 different places, and can I wear it three different ways by adding various accessories to change the look. I hope these help you in alleviating any buyer’s remorse! Because in the end, your favorite place to shop should be your closet!


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