June 9, 2016 Image Power Play

Scoring Big with The Female Red Zone

By Sheila Anderson, Image Power Play

It’s true, I do love football! So when I had the great pleasure of meeting Maribeth Kuzmeski, President of The Female Red Zone, at a conference in Boston in March 2016, I was immediately drawn to her. Of course, the name of her business intrigued me, but what interested me even more was her passion to “share insights from women who have made an indelible mark in business and the path they took to soar.”

During lunch we, of course, began talking about the importance of image and how creating your authentic brand can make you memorable. She shared with me the story of an image consultant who posed the question to her, “why are you not wearing red?” After all, the name of her business is Red Zone Marketing. Maribeth told me it hadn’t even occurred to her. At first she thought the woman was crazy! But the more she thought about it, the more it made sense. And now she wears red … and is a big fan of the work image consultants do.

It was an honor to be a featured guest on her podcast, The Female Red Zone. In this episode you will learn:

  • What NOT to wear when delivering bad news
  • How to use color psychology and body language to deliver your message effectively
  • The importance of being authentic when coming up with your own personal image
  • A few tips on how to enhance your impact in big ways

You can listen to the entire podcast here: http://www.redzonemarketing.com/sheila-anderson-powerful-image-simple-tips-improving-authentic-brand/


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