Making You Strategically Visible

Image Power Play believes everyone is the Chief Experience Officer of his or her personal brand. Connecting with a purpose is always top of mind throughout the entire strategic process.

Image Power Play is an impression management and personal brand company dedicated to bringing forth intentional, consistent, and authentic interactions with others. The company focuses on creating influence through image. Sheila Anderson, CEO and Founder, works with emerging and established leaders, as well as companies, that put value on proper positioning and being strategically visible in the space they want to own.

Gaining a Return on Image® puts measurable value on the impact one’s image has personally and professionally. Image Power Play’s return on image® services create real value and elevate leaders to meet their goals and grow their influence. This starts with taking a strategic look at every aspect of a person’s image – spanning from appearance and behavior to how one communicate both verbally and nonverbally to a social media strategy and community interactions.

The I.C.U. Rule™

Image Power Play designed The I.C.U. Rule™, a process to work with leaders to lean into personal style and authentic brand. Through an analysis phase, leaders focus in on being intentional before encounters occur. After gaining clarity in the analysis phase, the focus moves into executing personal style and image through disciplined consistency. Once leaders look inward and defined who they are and consistently execute authentic style elements into the spaces of their lives, the last phase of I.C.U. is you. The U step is really about solidifying the brand experience by prioritizing others (you) and relationships, audiences, and communities. The result is career advancement, increasing one’s center of influence, and being recognized as a leader.

Image Power Play offers personal branding strategies through 1:1 coaching, corporate coaching, workshops, and keynote speeches.

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“In a world where you can choose to be anything you desire, make sure you are memorable.”